Week 2: Developing sketches

Rendering words using paint and printing them.  

Using paint to render words/letters.


Using an ink pad to show a disappearing effect.

using paint and ink   Different idea- Brain is repeated alot in the play. Adding words in the brain -thoughts going through mind. 

Using metaphors of the play and rendering the words -looks too cliche and too literal   

Using texture to show the world. I quite like this effect, as it looks visually appealing and the colours go well together. It also looks eye catching, distinctive and it stands out. 

Spiral idea-how words are read-outside in or inside out ?  

words on hands-feeling of being trapped. 

Development of spirals.

I figured out how the words could be read. I thought it was better if the words were read outside in as it could be easier to read.   

Changing the design of the spiral slightly, so it unravels. But I don’t really like this idea.-Experiment with spacing and develop it into digital words.  Words read outside in. Works better, as its easier to read. 

Spiral read inside out doesn’t work as well. There is a way to do this by using visual hierarchy and making the first words bigger to make them more noticeable and so they can stand out but I think outside in is the way forward for the spiral to be read clearly.

Different ways spiral could change. The design of the spiral could unravel. However this would make the spiral too hand rendered/ handwritten and not very legible.   Experimenting with spacing of spiral. Interesting shows more movement and how words can be read. This is distinctive, stands out and is distinctive.  Spacing of the words looks better-Try with a small section of the play. Use scale and weight of the words aswell.

 Experimenting with scale. Words are bigger on the outside of the spiral but size decreasing towards the middle of the spiral. I could develop this more further with more of the words of the play  Experimenting with letterforms. Developing letterforms drawing and then rendering in a digital format. This looks too conventional, however I could try this in the spiral to see if it works.   Conventional letterforms- drawn they turned in digital-vector graphic. Stands out but wouldn’t in a spiral as well.   Letterforms drawn on a grid. To practice drawing typefaces.

Using a small section of the ‘Not I’ play I have experimented with the weight of the words and scale. Work outside of my sketchbook. Work to a bigger scale.

Tried using letterforms in the spiral, doesn’t work looks too hand rendering. Work outside my sketchbook!

Experimenting drawing letterforms.Looks too conventional!

Experimented with how words can be read outside in or inside out? Outside in can be read easily. Also experimented with weight of the words to show the contrasting sounds.I need to work out the spacing and work outside my sketchbook. I also need to work to a bigger scale.


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