Development of Not I Brief

Sketchbook sketches.

Experiment more with different spirals.

Think about scale, Volume of words, Dots within the play, Experiment with typefaces, the rendering of typefaces. how typefaces are drawn, think about spacing of the words, Size of the words, the weight of the word-Bold, light etc.

Uneven spacing is good as it shows the viewer that the play is not as easily understood and it shows contrasts between loud and quiet -tighter spacing shows the quiteness of the play and the more looser or bigger spacing shows loudness. The word spacing could depend on the volume of the play.IMG_2614

I rendered this using pen but then I will digitally render them.

But looking back at this it doesn’t look like I’ve rendered the words using the play and it doesn’t express the words. I am missing a whole section of the process which is experimentation, I haven’t experimented using traditional media. My next stage will be by focusing on the actual words first before the spiral, this will hopefully help me become more playful and experiment more using type unlike the image above which doesn’t show any indication of experimentation or expressing words!


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