Reflection: Strengths and Weakness and on the brief

MA: Overview.

The first piece of undergraduate work I showed was one of my branding projects, I showed this because although branding was the project set, I found that the letterforms and type was what I wanted to specialise in. This project was to re-brand the national stone centre.


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So far on the MA, I found it quite different to the undergraduate, as I’ve got to do more indepth research and come up with different ways of thinking. Also I will be able to specialise in one particular field, which will be interesting to focus on one of main skills and applying to my work. I’ve also found that MA is about researching and becoming an expert in a particular field. Finding new ways and doing something no one else or no other designer has done before, obviously this will take a lot of research and motivation to do. But I hoping to achieve this!

Looking over past work and in this project, most of my thinking and methods are typographic and my strengths are rendering letters digitally, arranging type on a page and using type in a visual way.  My weakness of my undergraduate work is mainly digital and most of my work and outcomes were quite literal. I hope to improve these weakness and develop my skills using traditional methods but still keeping my typographic way of thinking. Also another weakness I have is working to a smaller scale, I’ve always wanted to work to a bigger scale but for most of my projects that were set I didn’t think was relevant or I just all my work worked better to a smaller scale


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