Research: Typography

Byron Cunningham


Posters by Byron Cunningham

Byron Cunningham,  Posters. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed at: 18 March 2015).

He uses screen print and letterpress to create the textures in the words. I like how the words are shown in different directions and how there is a limited colour palette, which makes it more simple but effective.

Erica Kitamura


Designer: Erica Kitamura

Autor / Texto / Lector. Erica Kitamura Book Design: Experimental Typography
Erica Kitamura. Book Design: Experimental Typography. [Online]. Available from: %5BAccessed at: 18 March 2015]
Erica Kitamura uses a experimental typography in books, her work revolves around concrete poetry. I like how the words are shaped in a visual way. It looks distinctive and stands out. Also there is a good use of white space.


font weight poster by Marcin Plonka (2011)

Marcin Plonka. (2011) font weight poster. [Online]. Available from: %5BAccessed at: 18 March 2015]

Spiral shows same colour but as it goes towards middle of the spiral the opacity is decreased. I could use this in my work and use the tone of the same colour depending on the voice in the play.

Research: Tunnels


Pinterest. (2015). Tunnel of typography. Pinterest.  [Online]. (Accessed at: 18 March 2015).

Words shown in perspective and in different directions. This could be a way forward with my spiral to keep the idea of words going in different directions but in perspective. And again this will also add to the voice of the play in how it is said.


Pinterest. (2015 a). Type installation. Pinterest.  [Online]. Available at: (Accessed at: 18 March 2015).

I thought this was quite interesting how they have used 3D made out of metal/brass, as its look really interesting as a 3D installation rather than 2D flat design. Also this has a perspective effect as well as a shadow used. It stands out, looks interesting and distinctive.


Meg Hitchcock. (2009) “Hymns” Amazing Grace. Available at: (Accessed at: 18 March 2015)

This is of overlapping letters to show a 3D model. I like how the letters are build up into a 3D model, as its stands out and looks effective.


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