Tutorial feedback 

Week 3- experiment with spiral idea further

Week 4- look up practitioners -Dom sylvester and Sam winston in my practice-typography and concrete poetry. Go back to play-look at scale, volume of the words.

Week 5- render typefaces. Look at what layering type hand cut? In to spiral

Week 6-concept panels -what I learnt?

  • I’ve learnt how to go about my final project. find something new. Keep it focused! 
  • That I need to realize exactly what I’m interested in.
  • How to use a question to answer a brief!
  • I’ve learnt how to be critical and analyse my work and to realize how to be critical about my process. Development of my work-how has this developed? What problems have arisen? 
  • What to include for my presentation? Make a claim or statement at the start to help unravel my project brief.


Week 7-continue work on rendered typefaces and spiral.look at more practioners.

  • Work to bigger scale!

Week 8-work away from my sketchbook. Work on individual words scale the words bigger and then stick words together to see what works. This will help me to work out how works and what doesn’t. ideas for spiral -make a 3D object-type around a cone or in a tunnel.

  • Experimentation. 

Week 9-I experimented with different words and render the typefaces. I also worked to a bigger scale. Good starting point.

  • Work on making it look professional-use one colour, one media. Black and red
  • Go back to play listen to words decide on contrast. 
  • Contrast will depend on the volume of the words
  • No stencils personal touch is better 
  • Scan in words and inverse
  • Could be text in tunnel? Could the words be placed on a tunnel?
  • What can I physically make out of this spiral? 
  • Keep up with the intensity of work 

Where do you see yourself as a designer?

Week 11:  Concept Panel feedback

-Improved since tutorial 

-Develop the tunnel idea more -work out how the words fit.

-Become an expert in my field.

– Research my field indepth over the summer 



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