Visual debates module 

Visual culture Presentation

My visual culture debates presentation was on how typography is evolving in a digital era from pixillation to vector lettering. I found this quite interesting, as while research I learnt how the quality of typography has evolved and how digimodernism and social media has an impact on typography through using sans serif typefaces to make it more legible and modern. I also looked at the theory of onwardness in web texts and how web texts never conclude but books end.

This presentation was on my practice of typography, but at the time I didn’t really know what I want to specialise but looking back at the essay, I saw I wrote

‘We can write but have less and less need to and we can type but have never been trained to’


This suggests writing is outdated but some people cannot type. I found this quite interesting that I could explore further. I am more interested in the spoken word shown visually.

What is Concrete Poetry?

Concrete poetry is an experimental form in which it shows the shape of poem and its an arrangements that may form a shape or suggest an image.  (Wise geek, 2015)

Earlier poets had experimented with form and shape but the term concrete poetry wasn’t not well known until the mid 20th century. In the mid 20th century the poet e.e. cummings arranged words on the page to look like earlier forms. Also, the importance of the poem’s shape brought the form closer to visual arts, in which the image provides the meaning. (Wise geek, 2015)

Concrete poetry is a surrealist movement

The shape of typography reinforces the poem’s theme in some way.

Having researched concrete poetry, I think it is do with how designers express typography through sound, rhythm and repetition of poetry. I also think its do with how the scale of letterforms or words are designed depending on volume of sounds.

Typography in pure concrete poetry is always structural and not mimetic.

(Lewis, 1978: 133)

 Ian Hamilton Finlay was a poet and typographer who created visual poetry using typographic arrangement (Bierut et al, 1999).

Poster Poem (Le Circus) 1964 by Ian Hamilton Finlay 1925-2006

Ian Hamilton Finlay. (1964). Poster Poem: Le circus. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed at: 23 March 2015)

Weight of the words shows the volume of sounds.
Theories connecting to practical work
These theories help to understand the written word as a visual form.
I am interested in the spoken word shown visual way. I have found the theory semiotics will help me to research further in my practice to see how words are shown and represented in different ways.
(Chandler, 2015)
Words can be associated by signifier and signified.
Signifier -sound of the word, the sign and arrangement of the words.
Signified-Concept or meaning.
Semiotics is form of concrete poetry by the associations of the signifier and signified

From this module, I have learnt a lot on theories and how theories will help me to advance my practice.


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