Spiral development 

Spiral-Rendering words I rendered the typefaces using different media: Paint, Pastel,spray paint and Charcoal. After I did that I created a spiral out of the words to see what it looks like using these techniques. The words are rendered a using a more ‘personal touch’ then just using a pen or digital fonts. However, there are too many colours on this spiral and should only use one or two media/s and some of the words do not go with the speech of the play.

Rendered words using spray paint and paint. Used red to show echo effect of how the word is said as red is a lighter colour compared to the dark colour overlapped which is black,

Used paint and ink to experiment with

Spray paint

Experimented with paint and the brush strokes. I also experimented with the size, I made the words bigger depending if it said loudly.

Experimented with pastels. The more pressure I drew with a soft pastel the more grainy is was.

Spray painted. it looked too blotchy and the stencil effect didn’t show how the voice was said.

img_2346  Too many colours and too many medias and methods used. Listen back to the play. But this has helped me to work to bigger scale and how the words fit together and work together. And now I can see that the stencil words don’t work as well as the other rendered words as it doesn’t show the personal effect as much as the painted words does. Texture Used Paint roller to create textures  Paint Brush Text Rendering type using a paint brush. I used paint and a paint roller to go over letters. Using one colour -red to relate back to the play.  I had to relate the colours back to the play. So I decided to render words in red and use on media -paint which I thought worked the best for how the words were said in the play.    I used different brush strokes depending on the voice of the play – how the words were said?  Laser cut I wanted to use the laser cutter to create the letters. The letters show the personal touch effect through texture, however the way it has been cut does not as it the text isn’t rendered and hasn’t been cut to show speech. img_2415-1

Laser cut the texture I made but didn’t think this gave the rendered look but I want to try to experiment with laser cutting to see if I could still keep the texture. The laser cut letters slightly looses the texture as the rendered words.

Sorting of text to go into spiral   I started of by sorting the words out in order of the play. This helped me to place the words in a spiral. Spiral version one The text is too red against the background. Needs more black text to balance the colours of the spiral out. Spiral Version two Black text to balance the colours of the spiral out. Contrast of brush strokes shows the volume of the speech of the play and the speed of how quick the speech is said is shown by the rough fast brush strokes. Zoomed in words of the spiral to show how the words have been rendered differently. Textured SHEEE. Cut out each individual letter to make it look more like a spiral. The words blend into the background which doesn’t help them stand out. This will be changed on the computer and refined to make SHEEE stand out more. The dark textures of the SHEEE show how it is spoken louder and the repetition of the E is to show how long the letter is spoken for and how is carries on. Spiral Development. I rendered all the words in black and red to relate back to the play. Working to bigger a scale made me notice what works well and doesn’t work well. I rendered the words using a paint brush and acrylic and watercolour paint. The brush strokes and texture shows the tone of voice of the play and contrasting sounds of the play

Outdoor Spiral


Start of a spiral

 DSC_0044DSC_0039  DSC_0050 DSC_0056 DSC_0058  IMG_2527 IMG_2555

I decided to put the spiral outside, as there is more space to spread the words out to make them legible. I played around with individual laser cut textured letters as well as words to show contrast, but I think words instead of individual letters worked better. Doing Spiral in this way helped me to render words using traditional methods and helped me thinking a different way and working outside sketchbook. The texture of the letters shows the contrasting sounds and tone of voice of the words. The textures of the words also stands out, looks effective and visually appealing. By listening to the play, I found working using traditional methods was a perfect fit for the sounds of the words and it helped me to render the words using a more personal effect. Colours Black – darkness, evil Red-passion, love, danger, anger (colorwheel, 2015) I used these colours as I found they were the most relevant to the play and the connotations of the colours also related back to play.


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