Research: Practitioner: Sam winston and Ed Fella

Sam Winston

New yorker

New yorker Magazine (2012)

Winston, S. (2012) New Yorker Magazine. [Online]. Available from: [Accessed 25 October 2015].

  • Shape and arrangement resembles sound
  • Spacing of letters = sounds.
  • Print publication.
  • Poetry.


Dictionary story print

Dictionary Story print (2001)

Winston, S. (2001) Dictionary Story print. [Online]. Available from [Accessed 25 October 2015].

  • Poetry
  • Type arrangements =sounds
  • Spacing of letters = sounds

Ed Fella

ed fella

Ball Point & pencil Lettering Book (2003)

Fella, E. (2003) All ball point & pencil Lettering Book. [Online]. Available from: [Accessed 25 October 2015].

  • Ball point pen and pencil
  • Colourful.
  • Hand rendering.
  • Different styles of lettering.
  • Different sizes of lettering.
  • Stylising type will not be an important part of my project, as style of type does not necessarily mean it is directly meaning sound.

ed fella 2

Prisma Colour (1989-1999)

Fella, E. (1989-1999) Prisma Colour lettering.[Online]. Available from: [Accessed 25 October 2015].

  • Hand drawn lettering.
  • Playful.
  • Colourful.
  • Prisma Colour Lettering.
  • Bold.
  • Distinctive Stands out.
  • For my project I could play more with the arrangement of the lettering to go with the sounds of speech.

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