Concept Module: Week two

Tutorial comments

  • As a starting point, find an existing Familar speech -Tv, Radio, News.
  • Do initial ideas on speech -think about speech pattern rhythm and tone.
  • Look at speeches such as Eastenders, News-Pick a certain part and design type for it.
  • What career do I want in 5 years -Think about question will help identify a focus for Realisation Module.
  • Photocopy letterforms.


  • Research typographers-Sam winston, Bob and Roberta Smith. Concrete poets.
  • Research books: Erik Speikerman ‘Stop Stealing sheep.
  • Ellen Lupton Blog, Thinking with type book, Design Writing Research-Evolution of punction.
  • Book: From Gutterberg and open type-R. Dod

Sketches and developments

Scan11 Scan14Scan 7   Scan 13  Scan6 Scan7 Scan8 Scan9

Scan10Scan 11


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