Concept Module: Week six, seven and eight


Ted Talks (2008)

Serious not Solemn 

Listening to this helped me to experiment play more with work.




  • Playing with the arrangement of type for regional weather
  • Regional weather= linear -formal


Shipping forecast-Linear-formal

Yea But No but-Informal

Regional Weather-Formal -Experimented with colour

The Kings Speech- Stutter and Stammer


Refine words.

Regional weather needs more work-Listen back are the words that big

Listen again to shipping forecast –Sort emphasis of words and line spacing.

Make words neater.

Re do proposal form-Rationale -What am I doing differently and why?

Improvements: Shippinng forecast




  • Make more emphasis on ‘biscay and trafalgar’-Bolder
  • Make more of spacing between ‘one one three o’
  • Make into one line to sort ascenders and descenders out.
  • Remove ‘hello my names forest forest gump’ only include the more familiar part of the speech.
  • Make ‘yea but no but’ into one line

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