Concept Module: Week 9 and 10

Improvements from tutorial

  • Improved the shipping forecast to emphasise the words more
  • Made into one line but looked too small.
  • Changed two lines to show the big pauses and new topic
  • Change Harry potter- You’re instead of Your, Make What bigger and make H in harry a capital letter to show its a name.
  • Yea but no but-Overlapping continuous and fast pace.
  • Forest Gump chocolate speech-change colour to chocolate colours-different shades of brown.


  • Say hello to my little friend speech-too stylised. Remove the red on the letters.
  • Casino Royale (2006) Shaken or stirred – is said in a quiet way and voice rises in pitch as its a question.
  • Licence to Kill (1989) ‘Shaken not stirred’ Said in an angry way.
  • Angry= messy brush stroke lettering
  • I decided to do a set of James bond movies( the same speech in different films ‘Shaken not stirred) to show how the words are said differently in different films-different tone of voice. However I wanted to move on to different speeches to show hand rendering in different ways and to show more variety of speeches.


  • Make bloody doors off bigger.
  • Think about negative space.
  • Composition of words-how are the words going to be composed on the page?


Yea but no but-Centred in the middle to show the continuous line

Shipping forecast add more words and put in left hand corner.

Say hello to my little friend in the middle to show one line

Harry Potter Wizard speech leave a gap between-‘You’re a wizard Harry’ and I’m a what to show different people are speaking. i.e

‘You’re a wizard Harry’


I’m a What?

Forest Gump-leave a little gap gap between margins




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