Research:Oral Language/Linguistics

I looked at David Crystal for oral language and linguistic research, as he is one of the most notable linguists. I looked at the sub fields and their definitions of linguistics.

What is linguistics?

Linguistics is a scientific study of structures of language.

The subfields of linguistics are phonology, morphology, semantics, pragmatics, syntax and phonetics.


Phonology is a study of sounds of human speech and use of sound patterns.


Phonetics is how speech is created and received.


Semantics refers to words and expression found in spoken language and how meaning is expressed through language.


Pragmatics is the study of meaning in context and ways in which the language is used.


Syntax is the study of how words can be combined to form sentences.


Morphology is a pattern of word formation in a particular language such as: Intonation and inflection


Intonation is a branch of linguistics that is the sound pattern of phrases and sentences by pitch and variation in the voice. Intonation is the rise and fall of voice in speaking (Collins, 2015 b).


Inflection is the modulation of the voice and a change in the form of a word, which is dependant on the change in tense, mood, voice, gender, and person. It is usually an affixation or modification (Collins, 2015 a).

These definitions of the sub fields of linguistics has helped  me gain a more in depth of linguistics and oral language.


Blurring is a form of oral language. Blurring occurs when the separate phonemes of a word into one another and blurring can also happen in between words.

How will linguistics and oral language help with your practice?

  • Intonation will help to show the rise in fall of pitch through the height of the letters and other characteristics of type such as the weight of a letterform.
  • Inflection will help emphasise the way a person is talking by using shade of colours, weight(bold/light) and size. Also the way it has been rendered.
  • Phonology will help to show the way sounds are said by repetition of letters to show the letters is said repeatedly.
  • Blurring can emphasis pauses in speech, which helps takes a breath and emphasise the word.




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