Visual Culture Dissertation

From my dissertation, I am examining how designers are representing speech. I will examine about Derrida’s  Deconstruction theory on speech and writing to help me to analyse designers work. I have found the dissertation useful, as its helped a lot with researching on a theoretical level and helped my knowledge of how designers are using the voice in there work and to increase my knowledge of the sub fields of oral language

Derrida believed that writing never stops and any written word or sentence is not limited to any single idea. Derrida was well known for developing the strategy called ‘deconstruction’ which claims that text undermines the meaning and it is a way of reading that is not intended. He believed that the deconstruction theory shows the two oppositions that are dominant ways of thinking, which are speech and writing (Lupton and Miller, 1999).

My dissertation has helped with research and examining designers using the voice and identifying the sub fields of linguistics, phonology, syntax, pragmatics, semantics morphology, intonation and the differences of speech and writing, which helped to identify that writing is a copy of speech, suggesting that typography is heard as well as seen.



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